Dogs and Fireworks – 10 ways to keep your pup safe

July 4th is coming up and with it means the inevitable; big booming fireworks, colorful, flashing displays, and terrified doggos. More dogs go missing on July 4th over any other day out of the year! If you’re like me, I will do whatever it takes to make my pup feel happy and safe. So, I’ve done a little research and put together a list of things to do to keep your pets safe this year and in the years to come!

Be prepared!

  1. Research when and where fireworks will be displayed in your area.
  2. Top off your pup’s water bowl and make sure your pup has been well fed before the evening festivities. Dogs are more likely to pant when nervous and may not have much of an appetite.
  3. Walk and exercise your dog well before dusk so you aren’t out when the noises begin.
  4. Make sure all windows and doors are shut, close your blinds, and create a safe space for your pup to hide if he/she gets scared or nervous. That doesn’t mean locking your dog up in a dark, closed space- but make that space available for your dog to willingly go to.
  5. Consider staying home, or have a trusted sitter provide comfort for when the festivities occur.
  6. Try desensitizing your dog with some quiet firework sounds on your phone/laptop before the event.
  7. MAKE SURE YOUR PET HAS PROPER ID! If your pet does escape, the worst thing would be to have them escape without a tag. Micro-chipping is also incredibly helpful if your pup escapes. And if you want to add an extra layer of security, consider looking into tracking collars. We use the Fi tracking device! It’s a collar with a built in LTE cellular network to communicate GPS information, instant escape detection, LED lighting at night, and a very user friendly app. It’s definitely a must have if you live in the city like me, or to keep track of your pup especially if he/she spends a lot of time outdoors. You can use our code “SusieQ25” to get $25 off your purchase!
  8. Consider CBD- I use CBD drops to help calm my dog if I anticipate she will be in a stressful situation. Holistapet recommends that the best way to utilize CBD is to administer it a few hours before the fireworks begin to allow it to pass through the digestive system and start to work.
  9. During the festivities, distract your dog with white noise, music or tv/radio and try to behave as normally as you would any other day- dogs can pick up on nervous behavior. But if your dog is scared, comfort them! Scolding your dog when they are scared or barking will only lead to more stress. Treats and playing are great rewards for calm behavior.
  10. Lastly, speak to your vet ahead of time! Causes of stress can be genetic, caused from past experiences, and some breeds may be more susceptible than others. There may also be an underlying disease causing your dog to present in a way that we think is stress. You and your vet can discuss what strategies are right for you, and how to keep your pup safe, happy and healthy.

What is your plan this 4th of July to keep your pets stress free? Shoot me a message or comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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