Hello! My name is Susie and I’m an adorable 8 month old (and counting!) red merle australian shepherd puppy. My momma Rhianna got me in Bellingham, WA from a wonderful breeder.

Things I love: To chase and be chased, terrorizing my siblings, ripping up toys, playing in the water, my best friends, and my momma.

Things I hate: haterz.

I live in Seattle with my fur family Ella the kitty cat, and Rouri and Lola who are lionhead/angora and lionhead/netherland dwarf mixed rabbits. We love to play and have lots of adventures. I hope you can learn a little more about us and also a little more about the fun things that happen around our area. We’d love to get in touch too- send us a comment or message and we will get back to you ASAP!