Hello! My name is Rhianna and I am the owner of the most adorable australian shepherd, Susie. I had no idea the impact this little pup could make on me, and my life will be forever changed. I hope to share some of our experiences and memories with you here and on our Instagram, @susieQ_the_aussie.

About me: I am a registered nurse and work full time at a large trauma hospital in Seattle. In my free time, I love to go on adventures and explore the beautiful PNW with Susie. Photography has really expanded my love for nature and appreciating the little things. It sure helps that Susie is a huge fan of the camera!

About the animal fam: I’ve got the sweetest little kitty cat named Ella. She loves cuddling and loves pets! She likes to follow me around and has such a classic *2 pets only and then I’ll randomly bite you* attitude. But I love her to bits regardless!

Rouri and Lola (aka Mr. and Mrs. Buttons) are lionhead/angora and lionhead/netherland dwarf mixed rabbits. Rouri was my first pet ever on my own, is potty trained, has such a silly personality and LOVES to be pet and to be held and rocked. I recently got him a girlfriend, Lola, who is the sweetest and most docile bunny I’ve met. They absolutely love each other and it truly is the sweetest thing!

Questions? Drop us a comment or send us a DM!